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Family Visas

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Dubai, which is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), offers various types of family visas that allow expatriate residents to bring their family members to live with them in the country. These family visas are subject to specific regulations and requirements set by the UAE government. Please note that immigration policies and regulations can change over time, so it's important to verify information from official sources or legal experts for the most up-to-date information, As of my last update, here are some general guidelines about family visas in Dubai.

About Family Visas

  • Sponsorship
  • Eligible Family Members
  • Financial Requirements
  • Accommodation
  • Application Process
  • Medical Examination and Health Insurance
  • Renewal
  • Dependent Visa

Explanation About Family Visas

It's crucial to consult official government sources or seek advice from legal experts or immigration consultants who are up-to-date with the

latest regulations before proceeding with any family visa application. Immigration policies

and requirements can change, and it's important to ensure you have

accurate and current information Please verify this information with official sources since there may have been changes or developments after September 2021.

In Dubai, a resident with a valid residency visa and a certain income level is typically eligible to sponsor family members for a family visa. The sponsoring resident is often referred to as the "sponsor."

Family members who can be sponsored under a family visa might include a spouse, children, and sometimes parents. The specific eligibility criteria can vary based on the sponsor's visa category, income, and other factors.

The sponsor is usually required to meet specific financial criteria, including a minimum monthly salary, to be eligible to sponsor family members. The income threshold can vary depending on factors like the size of the family being sponsored.

Sponsors may need to provide suitable accommodation for their family members, meeting the standards set by UAE authorities.

The process for obtaining a family visa typically involves submitting various documents, including an application form, passport copies, proof of relationship, marriage certificate (if applicable), birth certificates for children, and other required documentation.

Family members might need to undergo a medical examination to ensure they meet health requirements. Additionally, health insurance coverage for family members is often a mandatory requirement.

Family visas are usually issued for a specific duration and need to be renewed before they expire. The renewal process involves submitting updated documents and meeting any new requirements that might have been introduced.

Family visas are often categorized as dependent visas, as the eligibility of family members is linked to the sponsorship of the primary resident visa holder.